Sky Fortress:Odyssey

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Nov 23, 2023
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〓Pre-order and Win Exciting Prizes, including Two Airline Tickets!〓
· Complete your pre-order and follow our Facebook fan page to earn a chance to win many luxurious prizes!
· Simply log in to claim 100 free draws and exclusive attires, enrich your inventory, and set sail fully equipped!
〓Steampunk Fantasy Adventure, An Epic Tale of Civilizations〓
· Embark on a steampunk-style grand adventure where technology and fantasy merge, unveiling the secrets of the world of Setsemir!
· A sprawling narrative with over a million words to showcase the splendor of various civilizations. A multitude of unique bosses await!
〓Exquisite Anime-style Illustrations, Assemble the Strongest Adventure Squad〓
· Meticulously designed, beautiful Anime-style card artwork featuring a diverse cast of characters, with the option to recruit your preferred S-grade hero on your Beginner Recruit!
· Exclusive weapons for heroes, hidden talent awakenings, and Gadget set combinations allow for limitless multi-dimensional development!
〓Parkour + Bullet Hell Shooting, Innovative Competition〓
· Stunning character skills, dazzling bullet hell, exhilarating parkour gameplay, and intuitive controls!
· From the Skytop Arena to multiplayer dungeons, your adventure journey will never be lonely! Enjoy creative social interactions as you take on challenges with friends!
〓Enjoyable Airship Management, Easy Resource Generation〓
· Food preparation, entertaining puzzles… each cabin has its own mini-games for increased resource production, doubling the joy of your adventure!
· Customize your manor with unique furniture, crafting a delightful and heartwarming life for your adventurers!