Snake And Fruit:Multiple Game Collections

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Aug 8, 2023
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“Snake And Fruit: Multiple Game Collections” is a collection of multiple games, rich in content, suitable for players of all ages, we also specially created some simple puzzle games prepared by children.Let’s first introduce what games are in our game. First of all, this is a collection of games based on the theme of Snake War and Fruits. It also incorporates other fun games, waiting for you to discover and enjoy!
1. Snake Battle Mode, contains four modes, the first mode is the boss mode, this is a fast pass mode, you can win all the bosses, and each level has a rich reward, please pay attention Oh! The second model
It is a dragon mode. This level adds an invincible dragon. Whether you can defeat the dragon depends on your ability! The third is the giant turtle mode, which has been a cute big turtle, and also has skills, it is not easy to beat it! The fourth mode is the eagle mode,
The natural enemy of the snake is the eagle. How to escape the eagle’s catch depends on your skills.
2. Fruit mode, which integrates four fruit cutting modes, is suitable for children’s experience, good-looking fruits give people an endless appetite, and they can also get a lot of rewards! Don’t miss it!
3. Fight mode, make your weapons longer, you will be stronger!
4. Frisbee mode, use your spoon to beat the frisbee, hit the fruit and reward!
5. Eliminate the game by connecting, easily unzip, quickly pass through, puzzle and leisure!
6. We are still creating more new games to add, please give us more support, don’t miss this good game.
“Snake And Fruit: Multiple Game Collections” will bring you more fun experience, we are determined to make more games to integrate into it. If you have good suggestions and ideas, please contact us to submit your ideas to us.
mail: [email protected]
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What's new

update some modes,and fix some bugs.
1. The war between snakes and viruses, eliminating all viruses to get through.
2. Kill the treasure chest to get more rewards.
3. There are many different gameplays in the game.
4. Welcome everyone to play together.