Splash: Ocean Sanctuary

Welcome to Splash - the ultimate fish simulator game! Feed and grow fish in your sea reef sanctuary, and attract hundreds of real-life fish species.
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Sep 27, 2023
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Welcome to Splash – the ultimate fish simulator game! Feed and grow fish in your sea reef sanctuary, and attract hundreds of real-life fish species.

A friendly turtle will be your guide helping you to collect, feed and grow fish to repopulate the ocean. Decorate your reef with beautiful corals and watch in wonder as your sanctuary comes to life! From popular aquarium fish like Clownfish (can you spot Nemo in your reef?), to other sea creatures like Octopus, Starfish and Sharks – Splash is the ocean simulator game with nearly all of fishdom!

Document your sea discoveries in the Aquapedia, and learn exciting real-life facts about each fish species you uncover.

If you love aquarium and fish games you will love Splash! It is overflowing with eye-catching fish, beautiful ocean environments, and relaxing gameplay that is sure to keep you entertained for hours to come.


– Splash is one of the only fish games where you learn while you play. From a little Wrasse to a huge Shark, every fish in Splash is a real species. You’ll discover more than in a visit to an aquarium!
– Build and nurture your beautiful coral reef, adorned with stunning real-life corals. Create the most stunning reef in all of fishdom!
– Feed and grow fish species including Angelfish, Clownfish (Nemo!), cute Seahorses, Starfish and hungry Sharks – this is no aquarium!

– Relax with your new ocean friends, guiding them through the reef and observing their unique personalities and behaviors.
– Catalogue your discoveries and learn more about your fish in the Aquapedia, full of facts about the sea life you discover.
– Connect with friends to exchange gifts and help each other in your underwater games.
– Become an ocean photographer and take snaps of your favorite fish. Customize the images and share your creations with your friends!

– Feed and grow fish, then release your fish into the wider sea to repopulate the ocean with exotic life.
– Participate in special events to collect unique fish only available for a limited time.
– Level up to unlock more fish, decorations, and space for your coral reef sanctuary.

If you love aquarium and fish games we think you’ll love Splash! Splash is created by Runaway, the nature games company.

*** By award winning studio Runaway Play, with over 10 million downloads of wholesome animal games, including Old Friends Dog Game, Furistas Cat Cafe, Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary and Flutter: Starlight ***

Please note the “splashcam” feature requires read/write external storage permissions, to save in-game screenshots taken by players to their devices.

What's new

Polar Exchange students have arrived at the reef!

NEW EVENT: Help Maisy the Octopus serve sushi to brand new species visiting the reef!
NEW VISITORS: Meet visiting customers from the Arctic and Antarctic including a Sea Otter, Giant Octopus, Narwhal and more!
NEW REWARDS: Unlock new fish species and decorations to collect, unique to your game!