Survival RPG 4: Haunted Manor

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Nov 19, 2023
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A ghost, a haunted house, an epic quest adventure you won't forget! Survival RPG 4: Haunted Manor is the 4th game of the 2D retro Survival RPG (Role playing game) adventure series. The story begins with the disappearance of your magical artefact. Your quest is to find it by exploring the ghost haunted manor and its surroundings.
To solve the mystery, you will have to explore a haunted house, lost temples and other dungeons, fight ghosts, discover hidden objects and treasures and unlock puzzles. Find out who is behind the mystery of the Survival RPG series, from the stranger who was asking for your help to the villain messing with the timeline.
The 2D retro game can also be played offline.

To survive this haunted adventure:
– 7 story chapters that end the Survival RPG series by revealing all the mystery
– Discover who took your magical artefact and why
– Explore the haunted house, temples, tower, island
– Jump between the present and the past
– Find treasure maps and hidden objects in houses, dungeons, towers
– Fight ghosts and other monsters
– Craft different tools and objects with recipes that you will unlock during your adventure
– Forage for food and become the forager expert
– Solve quests and puzzles offered by RPG characters (npc)
– 2D retro pixel Survival RPG game

Enjoy Survival RPG 4: Haunted Manor. A ghost, a haunted house, an epic quest adventure you won't forget!

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