Taming Master : Pet Guardian

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Oct 26, 2023
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Introducing [Taming Master], an idle game that packs in a lot more excitement and fun than ordinary taming games!
Log in now and receive ★Infinite Growth★!!

▶ Trade Pets and mine Soul Stones in this P2E game!
Easily earn Tokens through currency mining and various Pet trades!

▶ An idle RPG where you can quickly grow your character without logging in★!
Your Summoner battles continuously even while you're offline! Meet your own unique Summoner who grows on their own just by idling!

▶ Capture manually? Nope! Pets are captured automatically!
Had trouble gathering Pets before? Worry no more!!
You can automatically obtain Pets by idling. Logged in or not, ★doesn't matter★!

▶ Use your own strategy to build a powerful Pet deck!
Build your own deck of Pets with various Attributes and Types and win battles!

▶ Unlimited Pet farming through the Potential system!
No two Pets are the same in the world of Taming Master! Make your Pets powerful through Rebirths and Evolutions!

▶ Freely trade your Pets at the Exchange!
You can trade the pets you've put your heart and soul into raising with other players! Go on, buy and sell some powerful Pets!

▶ Become the top ranker with your very own powerful deck! Become acquainted with the Ranking system!
Compete in the rankings with other Summoners and claim rewards!

What's new

misrepresentation of combat power fixed
Pets exceed error in the [Soul Stone Mine] fixed