Tank washing

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Nov 20, 2023
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Children's carwash game with tanks and special vehicles is educational and very interesting. You can play car repair or racing, repair such kind of transport as
tanks, cars or monster trucks. You can drive a racing car across streets in a city or off-roads. You can play tanks, fly an airplane, explore seas using a ship or a
submarine. Or you can play such wonderful game as car wash. It's very exciting. So we have extended our series of educational games for children with a new
game – Carwash: Military equipment.

Cars and other vehicles for army is a special-purpose transport. Performing a lot of specific, dangerous and hard missions they get broken and dirty. And those
are the cases carwashes and garages exist for. And in this game your primary task is to spruce them up! And today your carwash is going to receive not only
lots of cars.

For washing and cleaning a large amount of other vehicles has come. High number of tanks, military jeeps, anti-aircraft equipment and other military vehicles.
Take water, a sponge and detergent quickly and get to work! Clean, wipe and dry all the equipment. Choose a proper color for every tank and car and paint them.
Change rims and wheels, at the end give uniqueness to every machine, decorating it with a colorful sticker. Have a fun and spend your spare time usefully
playing our new game!