Tanks and Ships: Battle City

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Nov 21, 2023
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This is a return of the Legendary Tank from Battle City! Back into a battle, and an alarm of war calls us again… Waves of enemy tanks go one after another, and only a single tank can turn the tide of the war.

Features of the version:
* skins: tanks, ships, spaceships, classic (Battle City);
* construction;
* 6 online game modes
– Invasions (Red Alarm)
– Team deathmatch 2×2
– Team deathmatch 3×3
– HQ capture
– Classic co-op
– Mods co-op
* 3 offline modes
– Classic
– Mods
– 10 challenges
* Cloud chat
* Joystick support for tank control

Tanks and Ships contains all official and not so official levels:
* 70 levels of a classical BC, 35 of them are unique;
* 254 levels of the Tank 1990 mods, 108 of them are unique.

A couple of challenges were added to the game to test your courage and nerves:
* Hit If You Can – enemy tanks use a new stealth armor;
* Miner – try mines that are a vengeance weapon. Die or blast!
* Do Not Worry Be Happy – an enemy missile destroyed the control unit, the tank went out of control and goes in wrong direction;
* Their Name Is Legion – a new enemy General decided to take your staff office not by skill, but by quantity;
* Head Trauma – one of the tankers brought a Tiny Planet aboard;
* Run, Tank, Run – they say that if the staff office moves, it would be harder to destroy it. Would it?
* Alone In The Darkness – it’s dark, and you can hear clatter of tracks at night;
* Enemies Around – as evidenced in practice, a staff office built on the enemy territory is a bad idea;
* Snake – if you can’t defeat your enemy, eat him (old military proverb);
* Duplication – genetically modified tanks that duplicate after you destroy them.

Select familiar settings:
* Base Tank – the tank you start the game with;
* Uses Power Ups – only a player or any of tanks can use bonuses;
* Trees Destruction – to enable a tank to destroy a tree with a missile;
* Hit In Armo Tank – after you knock out an armored tank of a player, it will be dead or turned into a medium tank;
* Use Pistol And Pontoon – if you can get the Pistol and Pontoon bonuses;
* Enemy Count – 4 or 6 enemies;
* Power Up Tanks – the bonus enemy tanks will be only tanks numbered 18, 11 and 4 or any tank;
* Armored Tanks – the armored enemy tanks will be only heavy tanks or any tank.
Using presets, you can choose any settings typical of a classic BC or its versions, or default settings.

Now, tanker, in a battle you can make use of:
* Clock – stops enemies for a time;
* Grenade – destroys enemies;
* Helmet – raises a temporal protective field around a tank making it invulnerable;
* Star – upgrades a tank;
* Tank – increases your reserves by 1 tank;
* Shovel – makes a temporal concrete wall around the staff office, that later turns into a brick one;
* Pistol – upgrades the player’s tank up to a heavy tank;
* Pontoon – enables you to go by water using a mounted pontoon that also protects you against 1 missile.

The information briefing is over! Move forward, warrior, the enemy is on the watch!

What's new

- Online region settings for co-op.
- Full Tank added.
- Fixed bugs.