Town Mystery: Merge & Match

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Aug 30, 2023
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A seemingly peaceful town, mysterious events follow one after another, pick up your notebook, magnifying glass, and help solve the town's mysteries in this exciting merge puzzle game!

Veronica is an assistant detective who is sent to the small town of Mountsview for an internship. But the seemingly leisurely life is soon shattered by a criminal case! How will she prove her innocence and solve the case? Follow the unfolding mysteries in Mystic Town: Merge & Match! Help the little girl find clues and solve the mysteries around the quiet town! Discover hidden objects, tools and use them to gather evidence, follow clues to different crime scenes, and embark on this adventure with Veronica and many other characters along the way!

– Explore and investigate
Explore different parts of Mountsview and uncover the hidden secrets of the crime scene! Search every corner of the town without missing a clue!
– Merge and match
Merge items and tools and use them to discover and analyze clues. Complete puzzle games to collect evidence and piece together clues to find key information!
– Find out the truth and catch the murderer
Get to know everyone in town and discover their stories. Conversations and interviews to find out who is the real killer!