Real-time battle "Legion Battle" is now available!
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Dec 1, 2023
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Real-time battle "Legion Battle" is now available!
Challenge your rivals with your corps friends!

〓 Game Introduction 〓
MMORPG "TRAHA INFINITY" where you can play endlessly alone or with friends

◆ A world expressed in overwhelming graphics
Experience a beautiful and magnificent world on your smartphone, woven with overwhelming graphic quality realized with Unreal Engine 4!

◆ Training system that can grow infinitely
"Meditation" allows your character to grow even when you are not logged in!
Furthermore, there is no penalty for failing to strengthen, so you can challenge strengthening without fear of failure!

◆ A party system that allows you to adventure alone with friends
With the "Soul Mate" system that allows you to form a party and enjoy alone, you can always adventure the battlefield with friends who are not logged in at the same time!
Eliminate the stress of recruiting parties that are common in MMOs!

◆ Infinite ways to play! rich content
You can freely play according to your own style, such as "Arena" where you can duel with other players with your trained character, Field Boss to conquer with other players, and "Timed Dungeon" where you compete in real time!

Now, experience the unlimited ways to play smartphone MMO "TRAHA INFINITY" with your own hands!

〓 Official Community 〓

* Official website:
* Official Twitter:
* Official Youtube :

〓 Guidance on using the app 〓
In order to provide a comfortable service, we ask that you grant access to the following when using the app.
It is not compulsory, so you can use the game even if you do not agree to access.

[Option] Storage (Photos/Media/Files): Permission to save photos and videos on the play screen, register and change inquiries.
[Option] Camera : Permission for taking photos and videos and registering.
[Optional] Audio Recording : Permission for voice chat in the game.

[How to cancel permission]
* Android 6.0 and above : Settings > Application Management > App Permissions > Select applicable item > Select TRAHA INFINITY > Grant or remove permission

* Under Android 6.0: Settings > Application Management > App Permissions > Select TRAHA INFINITY > Select App Permissions > Grant or Remove Permissions

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