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Nov 15, 2023
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An easy going, simple-to-operate train station game that you can play when you have the spare time!

• Realistic reproduction of a day at a station!
• Realization of a station used by over 100,000 people a day, with a huge cast of characters!
• A realistic system where time continues even when you close the app!
• Can simply sit back and watch to relax!
• A main story and a huge number of fun side-events!

Create a new station, place items, and make sure lots of customers visit!
As customers use your station your fame will rise, and the number of customers will steadily increase.
When you have the opportunity, decide on the direction your station will take; develop a sight-seeing area, shopping district, and more!

After making a big mistake at work, a former elite company-employee (you, the player) finds himself shunted off to this project. The project is to become the station master and, together with the support of the 3 station girls assigned to you, achieve a total of 500,000 customers per day; a difficult mission that you have no choice but to accomplish.

What's new

Added placement items.