Trio Racer: Multi-Race Madness

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Nov 22, 2023
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Experience the thrill of swimming, running, and cycling in one race! Hold your finger to go faster and avoid obstacles by jumping, sliding, or tapping. Challenge yourself to beat four opponents and unlock new levels.

Swim, run, and cycle to victory in the ultimate race!

Bored of playing single race games? Now you can experience triple the fun with Trio Racer! In this game, you can swim, run, and cycle your way to victory in a single race.
Hold your finger tip to speed up and avoid obstacles by jumping or sliding. To jump, swipe up, and to slide, swipe down. Don't forget to hold your finger tip again after jumping or sliding.
Jump deep down into the swimming pool and tap or swipe down to avoid obstacles. Tapping the screen will help you dodge obstacles quickly, while swiping down will take you to the depth of the pool. Be careful of your oxygen level and don't let your player drown!
Grab your cycle and enjoy motion controls. Hold your finger to speed up and tilt your phone right or left to avoid obstacles. It's an engaging experience that you'll love!
Beat four other opponents to unlock new levels and win gold medals. Every level is more exciting than the last! Are you ready to become the champion of champions and challenge yourself? Test your skills and play Trio Racer for free now!
We would love to hear your feedback to help us improve the game further.

What's new

Double stamina for limited time only
Introducing Daily task and reward system
Bug Fixes
Improved Performance
Better tutorial
Added Skins
Improved Graphics
Introducing Stamina Bar
Instant play