TRT Piri: The Word Adventure

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Nov 16, 2023
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Are you a master of word games? Can you solve all the crossword puzzles to unlock the mystery? Test your vocabulary, challenge your brain, and enjoy the beautiful world themes with this word game adventure! Connect letters to create new words and discover thousands of crossword puzzle levels against unique backgrounds. Once you start playing, you will not put it down! Let the game begin!

Fun and easy to play! Connect the letters and place them on the board. Find as many hidden words as possible to advance to the next level. Use the hints when you get stuck. Equip your character with beautiful items and enjoy the spotlight!

Win flashcards to discover the mystery!

This crossword gives a new impulse to the word game world with its story! The country of Akyurt is under the threat of the Dark Vizier! The Dark Vizier has tricked and imprisoned the Sultan! To follow this story, there are some flashcards within the game that you can win. These special flashcards are waiting for you to win at the end of certain levels, allowing you to better understand the story and unlock the remaining parts of it. Relax and unwind as you solve mysteries one by one, and keep your mind sharp!

Daily bonuses and gorgeous rewards!

Earn coins every step of this crossword adventure! The more hidden words you find, the more coins you will have. When you log in every day, you will earn daily bonuses too. Use coins to get a hint and beat the tricky levels! Connect as many letters as possible to find hidden words and level up! You will go through thousands of challenging levels easily with your bonus rewards.

Customize your character!

Want a custom character to play? Hats, masks, scarves, and many more. You can make yours as unique as you want. You are in the right word game if ordinary is not for you. There are many color choices and accessories that will suit you. Hunter, adventurer, or detective—be whoever you want to be. Customize it to your liking and make your journey more fun!

Alternative themes and unique backgrounds!

This crossword puzzle is a visual feast with world-theme options and beautiful backgrounds! When you progress in your journey, you will have lots of relaxation. Special sounds, animations, and breathtaking backgrounds you come across will make your brain relaxed.

Master your vocabulary!

Easy, educational, and fun! Piri will test how broad your vocabulary is without making you feel bored. It starts with easy levels but ramps up fast. You will love it if you are a fan of IQ tests, sudoku, trivia, anagrams, and spelling games. While using multiple skills together, you will master your vocabulary, and develop your spelling, thinking, and reading skills. As you progress day by day, you will make your brain stronger!

TRT Piri: Word Adventure invites you to a fun and mysterious word puzzle game spiced with fantastic world themes and educational vocabulary taken from authoritative dictionaries. If you are a fan of word games, this crossword puzzle is the best choice!

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