Twisty Stack

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Aug 30, 2023
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Twisty Stack is a 3d Puzzle game where players smash, blast and bounce through revolving different shape platforms to reach the bottom of Stack.

Choose your best strategy : speed up like a mad-ball you just stop and wait for your next chance to jump and brake stack platforms.

Your challenge is to succeed in the ball to rock bottom of the Stack!

How to Play?
• Beware of black platform blocks.
• hold one & tap on screen & take down the ball.
• Take down your ball the maximum amount you'll and reach rock bottom of stack to finish the extent .

Features :

– Tap on the screen & Hold as long as possible to urge perfect hit.
– Awesome visual effects and addictive game-play mechanics.
– Maximize your score combos to form platforms explode!
– Destroy different shaped color stacks.
– achieve best score beat the highest score.
– Avoid black blocks and complete the level.
– 3D graphics and eye-catching Colors.
– Easy to play one tap controls.
– Very easy to get reward.
– Great time pass game.
– 5000+ exciting levels.
– Crazy & fast speed.
– Easy to play
– easy to play.
– Jump Game
– Arcade game
– Jumping game
– 3d game

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