War Game: Beach Defense

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Aug 30, 2023
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War Game: Beach Defense probably is one of the best FPS games you have ever played.
Players will set foot in various warfare. An army of enemies on tanks, battleships and fighter planes attacking your ground. So many cool weapons with unimaginable damages can be found in this shooter game, bringing an entirely different experience to fans of FPS action games.

?How to play
Your duty is to defend your ground in many locations. Become a war hero who isn't afraid of shooting back an army of armed soldiers and modern military robots in War Game: Beach Defense.

Battles in this FPS shooting game will get more intense and challenging after every round. Weapons must be constantly changed to fight back the enemy’s powerful army.
But don’t worry, soldiers. Your machine guns, rockets and bazookas can always be updated to newer and stronger models.

Join War Game: Beach Defense to feel the heat of real explosive battles and warzones.

?Main features, weapons and equipment
Over 50 types of machine guns in War Game: Beach Defense
FPS game with realistic graphic
War Game: Beach Defense also provides missiles, bazookas and airstrike tickets to enhance shooter power
If they aren’t strong enough, try out rockets as you attachment weapon
War Game: Beach Defense never lack of guns, bullets and missiles to defend your land in every war.

? Great rewards for brave soldiers
All wars come with a price.
Couldn’t survive till the end?
You are still are a wonderful shooter, lessons are learnt
And we still honor your effort with rewards and experiences at the end of every battle.

? Battle on your own
Always prefer to enjoy some time on your own and immerse yourself in a world of guns, shooters and warfare.
Lone wolves can express themselves freely in War Game: Beach Defense.
Shoot as you wish and play as you want.

Watch your troubles and sadness fade away and find the child-like inner spirit within yourself as enemies fall down to the ground like grasses

? Explore the war map of War Game: Beach Defense
Attackers and their army will invade many locations on the map: from the shore right by the ocean to the dry desert and even appear in snowy areas.
Aim and shoot back.
Don’t let anything come between your machine gun and victory.

Many new locations will appear and call our shooter to come and defend them.

? Meeting your comrade brothers
Many new friends from across the world are waiting to chat with you.
Let’s join the War Game: Beach Defense community and share your stories, experiences in the game with them.

?Offline FPS Feature
Don't have an internet connection?
You can still play War Game: Beach Defense in offline mode.
The campaigns you play online, still can be played without Wifi connection.

Can you transform into the best shooter the world has ever seen and fulfill your childhood dream in War Game: Beach Defense?
Are you ready for many epic battles and defend your position in War Game: Beach Defense, Ready to feel a nostalgic sensation as our shooter game brings you back in time and enjoy an old classic shooting vibes in every second in War Game: Beach Defense
Join our army and play War Game: Beach Defense for free!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email: [email protected]

What's new

+ From 50 mm machine guns to heat fuze rockets, javelin launcher, NLAW…to many realistic weapons (M2 Browning, M60 machine gun, Gatling gun…)
+ More than 50 types of battle tanks
+ Hundereds of fighters, ship, and other powerful military vehicles
+ You will get support attacks from B58 bombers, airdrop, airstrike, infantry support…
+ Fix bugs version 64 (