War of The Grand Line

◆Set sail without fear! Heroes gather!
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Nov 29, 2023
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◆Set sail without fear! Heroes gather!
All the characters are waiting for you; restore the animation plots and scenes, major classic battles are waiting for you to participate, and set sail in the super exciting adventure!

◆Form Awakened! Unlimited Breakthrough!
Every partner is useful, easily break through to obtain form awakening! Cool skills ignited the audience, tens of thousands of people fought, who is the king of the new world!
Flexible changes, all operations are not in vain, truly realize the use of all characters, combine your signature Combo, the perfect lineup!

◆ Strategize! Instant life and death!
Battle of strategies! Attribute restraint, skill restraint, with original ghost gameplay, go beyond your limits, release artifacts to defeat powerful opponents!
Explore freely and look for treasures in the route! Various fighting skills and hero matching, there is no battle that cannot be won!

◆Exquisite gift, wonderful fun!
Log in to receive massive resources, legendary SSR hidden characters, clear customs to get 10 consecutive draws, super high newcomer welfare surprises!
No ads to create a conscience mobile game, the most balanced battle system, so that you can play happily even if you don't care about your liver or krypton!

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fix some bugs