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Aug 8, 2022
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The ‘SWACHH HARYANA’ Mobile Application is by Directorate of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana for
Citizens of all Municipalities in the State of Haryana. Using this Mobile App, Citizens can lodge their
complaints regarding Municipal Services to their respective Municipalities directly.
This Mobile Application has been developed by National Informatics Center, Haryana (NIC – Hr) for
Directorate of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana and all Municipalities in the State of Haryana.
How does it work?
Citizens are required to click a picture of the subject of complaint, select the location of the
complaint and describe the nature of complaint in brief.
Complaints can be lodged under the following categories:
• Garbage collection:
o Pick-up of garbage in open areas
o Door-to-door garbage pick-up
o Dustbin / Primary Collection Point clearing
o Dead animal pick-up
• Streetlights: Streetlight not operational
• Road sweeping: Road sweeping not done
• Nala cleaning: Nala cleaning not done
• Public Toilets:
o Toilet not clean
o No water in toilet
o No electricity in toilet
o Toilet need repair
Based on the location submitted by Citizen the System automatically assigns the Complaint to
concerned Municipality / Vendor Inspector for resolution.
At every stage of resolution an update will be made available under the ‘My Grievances’ section.
Images of resolution at each stage and verification of resolution shall also be made available in the
same section. The Citizen only needs to click the ‘Action Detail’ button under each Complaint
Citizens can re-open their Complaints if they are not satisfied with resolution.
• Citizens can click a picture of their Complaint and submit it a later instant during the day –
from a different location.
For doing so, Citizens will need to upload pictures from the ‘Gallery’ of the mobile devices in
case they are not submitting Complaints from the location of the Complaint.
The Mobile Application allows access to the entire ‘Gallery’ including online drives logged in
from the mobile device of the Citizen.
• Citizens can submit Complaints for any Municipality of the State of Haryana – from any
location in the world!
The Mobile Application picks up the current location of the User by default. Citizens can
resize the map, switch between satellite and street view and scroll to the location of the
For any queries regarding functioning and systematic procedure of the Mobile Application, detailed
screenshot-wise User Manual may be downloaded from the Directorate of Urban local Bodies,
Haryana’s website: https://ulbharyana.gov.in. The User Manual shall be made available for
download under the ‘Delivering of e-Services’ section of ‘Library’.
The User Manual shall be able to answer all ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)’. However, in case
of more specific queries, respective Municipalities can be contacted at their offices. Alternately,
Directorate of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana can be contacted through e-mail to [email protected]
or call to 0172-2580700 or 0172-2590082. Municipalities of the State of Haryana and the Directorate
of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana are happy to serve you.